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Egg dyeing: the results.

These eggs were dyed using turmeric (yellow), coffee grounds (creamy brown), and Lemon Zinger tea with added hibiscus leaves (sage grey!).

Visited the McMichael Collection in Kleinberg, ON last month the see the Mary Pratt exhibition.
These images are inspired by those works.

Dyeing Eggs, inspired by #MaryPratt.

More explorations in Terra Cotta. Pointe Claire, QC. 19 April 2014.

Dried seed pods. Terra Cotta, Pointe Claire, QC. 18 April 2014.

Snow Globes

Singing Sands, PEI.
Chepstow Bay, PEI.
August, 2013.

Layers of Montreal

Layers of Montreal



Seeing the forest for the trees…

City at night…